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What a moving and disturbing film. Beautifully done.

Andrew Solomon


 What a moving and disturbing film. Beautifully done.
—Andrew Solomon,
              professor of psychology, Columbia 
This is the documentary we've been waiting for.​​
—JD Ouellette,   
   board member, UCSD   
Brilliant film.
—Cathy Munson, 
   president of  Family Tapestry
This film is the voice for so many.
—Ellen Bennett, 
   president of  KMB for Answers
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Get Involved in Treatment
All families will deal with mental illnesses at some point.  Most people are not getting help, or if they are getting help, they are getting ineffective help.  

There are two main reasons for this failure. First, people trust professionals to use the best treatments. However, studies show that this is most often not the case. And second, after years of no success, people begin to do their own research online desperately looking for answers, but too often they struggle to sift through commercial publications and never find reliable information from reputable sources.

The goal of this website is to help people avoid these pitfalls and receive evidence-based treatments as early as possible. Correct diagnosis and early treatment is the most important part of successfully treating mental illness. Consequently, we have identified many of the most common mental illnesses and created links to reliable websites that outline what treatments should and should not be used for specific mental illness.

It’s a sad reality that to get good mental health treatment, you must be an informed consumer.

Using this resource will help you:

If you feel that the mental health system has been failing you or your loved-ones, watch our feature-length documentary to understand many of the most troubling problems in mental health industry. It will not only inform you of the state of things, but also empower you to find better treatment.
Documentary Synopsis
Over the last thirty years America has more than quadrupled its mental health spending and significantly increased the number of mental health professionals, yet many of the most common mental illnesses are on the rise. It seems strange that increased spending on mental health treatment is correlated with the growth of mental illness. But what if it’s not just a surprising correlation? What if the mental health industry is part of the problem?

We interviewed three families dealing with mental illness and many of the world’s leading experts to discovered that most mental health patients are receiving outdated and disproven treatments. Witness the state of mental health care in America through our new 65 minute documentary Going Sane.

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We can save lives—many lives—simply by closing the unconscionable gap between what we know and what we do.​​

—Tom Insel,  
   Former president of NIMH
(National Institute of Mental Health)