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 You can help empower families get better mental health care by hosting a screening of Going Sane ​in your area.
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Hosting a Screening FAQs

You can arrange to host a screening at a campus, local theater, organization, conference, community venue, or even your own backyard.

A screening licence entitles you to invite as many people as you want to a one-time showing of the documentary.And it comes with lots of help from us. We provide tips, tricks, emails, information, handouts, action points, press releases, etc.

Filmmakers Lisa Sabey, Josh Sabey, and Sarah Perkins are available for post-screening Q&A/speech for an additional honorarium plus travel expenses. They can also attend via the internet.

Where can a screening be held?

How do I make it happen?

When you host a screening, you’re in charge. Choose a date, time, venue, partners, etc. We will provide materials to help you succeed, but you will be the one making it happen.

What you do will depend on your goals. To get a large turn out, we recommend getting a team together who can help plan, promote, and execute the screening. We give more tips on finding partners in the screening kit.
STEP 1: Submit a request form.

STEP 2: We will offer a screening licensing agreement. Generally we charge $40.

STEP 3: We’ll send out an invoice, process payment, and send you a digital toolkit to make your screening a success.

How does it work?

Can I host multiple screenings?

Where you hold the screening depends on your goals. If you want the full cinematic experience we recommend your local theatre, but that is not necessary. People often have free access to college, high school, or church auditoriums. Many community centers are equipped with audio-visual systems. 

To get more people to attend, you might consider hosting a screening during or a relevant event, meeting, or conference.

We will offer discounted rates for multiple screenings. We can work it out as part of the licensing agreement. 

How do I get the filmmakers to attend/speak at my event?

What will it cost?

Becasue this documentary is so important, we have worked really hard to make it affordable. We normally only charge $40 for a screening kit and license. But it's up to you to find a location to host your screening at.

If you are worried about the cost, think of a like-minded organization who might split costs with you.

You shouldn't have to lose money to show this movie. Here are a few ways to earn back whatever money you spend:

  • Charge admission or ask for donations (Recommended donation: $5-20)
  • Find local sponsors who can help
  • Get local food suppliers to donate some food or snacks to give extra value to your tickets

We have traveled the country informing people about the state of mental health care in America. We are very comfortable addressing questions or elaborating on the issues presented in the film. If you want us to come, we will try and make it and we will do it as cheaply (within reason) as we can.  We would love to be there. Just ask and we’ll work it out. 

Any other questions?

If you have other questions that we haven't answered here, feel free to send us and email and let us know. We're happy to address any concerns you may have.

Or, if you're ready to host a screening, let us know the details here and then head over to our store page and purchase a screening kit! We do ask that if you are from a university, a pediatric office, a library, or another large organization, please purchase the license appropriate to your institution. As a small, self-funded NPO we depend on your integrity in this matter.

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